Daniel H. Says:

Miguel is awesome. He's a great guy that knows what he's doing.
I brought in my Honda Accord for a 5-window tinting, and I also brought in my own stereo receiver to get installed. I will be honest, the rate was not the cheapest in the market. Though it isn't overpriced, there are other places that do the tinting and the installation for cheaper. That being said, I will still come back here knowing that the quality of service will be higher. I highly highly recommend Miguel. 

When I get a newer car, I'll be bringing it here to get some nicer audio options added. 
Miguel doesn't make you feel like a customer. He makes you feel like a friend that's asking a friend for a favor on his car.

Didrik E. Says:

On2Audio went above and beyond to build my a system that was cooler than I imagined possible. I wanted a system that wasn't showy or with a custom look. I wanted it too look stock but still have the power of a custom system. 

Wow, did Miguel deliver! I lost zero trunk space because he built the sub into the wall! You would never know how loud the system is by looking at the car. Its exactly what I wanted!

Thanks On2Audio!

Eyob G. Says:

Extremely satisfied with the service provided, Miguel over achieves in service delivery. I went in to get a remote starter for my truck, since I had no idea what type of starter I should get, he sat and walked me through a few different options based on questions answered by me and requirements I specified. I was so pleased with his dedication to service me with the appropriate alarm that I decided to get a DVD player installed as well. He finished my truck much sooner thank expected and the finished product was spectacular, the work was very high end and clean cut. I would go back any time I need anything and will recommend to anyone to swing by.






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